1/29 Aqueduct SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameAqueduct #6PendingGulfstream Tropical #9PendingAqueduct #8PendingGulfstream Tropical #10PendingAqueduct #9PendingGulfstream Tropical #11Pending
Diane b 0.00Brunate[8]Shifty She[9]Happy Medium[2]Liam[6]Eminency[4]Sacred Life (FR)[8]
Fran O0.00Malibu Star[6]Regal Glory[4]Happy Medium[2]Fearless[1]Pineapple Man[2]Colonel Liam[6]
Jacqueline C0.00Litterbox[4]Nicest (IRE)[7]Hopeful Treasure[3]Liam[6]Infeasible[9]Channel Cat[10]
James Certo0.00Malibu Star[6]Regal Glory[4]Chateau[4]Speaker's Corner[8]Pineapple Man[2]Colonel Liam[6]
Jeff Cantine0.00Malibu Star[6]Shifty She[9]Happy Medium[2]Dennis' Moment[7]Eminency[4]Sacred Life (FR)[8]
John Miller0.00Mister Winston[3]Sweet Melania[1]Happy Medium[2]Dennis' Moment[7]Pineapple Man[2]Space Traveller (GB)[1]
Michael M0.00Brunate[8]Sweet Melania[1]Hopeful Treasure[3]Dennis' Moment[7]Pineapple Man[2]Doswell[7]
Mitchel b 0.00Malibu Star[6]Sweet Melania[1]Happy Medium[2]Girolamo's Attack[9]Cave Man[1]Field Pass[9]
Robbert b 0.00Tale of Mineshaft[10]Shifty She[9]Chateau[4]Fearless[1]Infeasible[9]Never Surprised[12]
Theresa N0.00Malibu Star[6]Regal Glory[4]Hopeful Treasure[3]Speaker's Corner[8]Eminency[4]Colonel Liam[6]
William Palmer0.00Malibu Star[6]Summer in Saratoga[8]Chateau[4]Speaker's Corner[8]Eminency[4]Field Pass[9]
brian a wellbrock0.00Malibu Star[6]Sweet Melania[1]Happy Medium[2]Liam[6]Pineapple Man[2]Colonel Liam[6]
david n0.00Matty's Marauder[2]Nicest (IRE)[7]Hopeful Treasure[3]Liam[6]Infeasible[9]Sacred Life (FR)[8]
donald b0.00Tale of Mineshaft[10]Sweet Melania[1]Happy Medium[2]Fearless[1]Eminency[4]Field Pass[9]
lincoln campbell0.00Malibu Star[6]Gift List (GB)[5]Happy Medium[2]Dennis' Moment[7]Pineapple Man[2]Atone[2]
paul aswad0.00Malibu Star[6]Regal Glory[4]Happy Medium[2]Fearless[1]Eminency[4]Colonel Liam[6]
rich w.0.00Malibu Star[6]Sweet Melania[1]Happy Medium[2]Fearless[1]Eminency[4]Never Surprised[12]
tom deering0.00Tale of Mineshaft[10]Regal Glory[4]Chateau[4]Liam[6]Eminency[4]Colonel Liam[6]
tom place0.00Matty's Marauder[2]Shifty She[9]Happy Medium[2]Liam[6]Pineapple Man[2]Colonel Liam[6]
vanessa L0.00Mister Winston[3]Regal Glory[4]Hopeful Treasure[3]Officiating[4]Pineapple Man[2]Colonel Liam[6]

Welcome to the 1/29 Aqueduct SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a $500 prize purse? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $5-- prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Players must have a valid account, and must have wagering activity through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please e-mail support@showtimecontests.com with any questions.

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